Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Summer semiosalong 2021: Funktionskreis and the biosemiotic signifieds


Six presenters, in-person offline event, one day only! Free of charge!

Session Theme: The prize of the object of biosemiotic interest, when properly understood, is coveted across disciplines. It promises answers to questions whose relevance goes beyond biology. What if biosemiotics could prove the utility of the arts and humanities in the same way as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are proven? The biosemiotic signifieds however are mostly non-formalizable – the method is always changing. Biosemiotic findings can even be brought to bear upon issues today in digital humanities and media ethics, in identity politics and critical theory, and in stylistics and design for example. The only way toward these answers is through the dense knot of theory! The session is a pre-seminar for the upcoming Gatherings in Biosemiotics 2021, focusing on applications of biosemiotics to related fields, and inquiring minds from all backgrounds are encouraged to attend.


11.00 13.00 (Karl Ernst von Baer House, Veski St 4)                                                                    

Tyler James Bennett. “Notes on the natural history of ideology”

Ľudmila Lacková. “Law of nature, phaneron and relational logic: form and substance in Peirce/Peirce as the first semiologist”

Kalevi Kull.  “On the biosemiotic fundamentals of aesthetics”                   


15.00 18.00 (Karl Ernst von Baer House, Veski St 4)                                                                   

Oscar Miyamoto. “A biosemiotic model of alloanimal episodic memory”           

Andres Kurismaa. “Revisiting von Uexküll’s rule: A place for the dominant in Funktionskreis and biosemiotics?”

Eugenio Israel Chávez Barreto.Between bio and general semiotics: Luis Prieto’s sémiologie

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