Thursday, November 3, 2016

Semiotic Seismology 1: Tyler James Bennett and Riin Magnus

The Autumn 2016 Semiosalong series semiotic seismology: anticipating instability.

Session 1: Tyler James Bennett: Industrial Schematic Prognostics
and: Riin Magnus: Losing the Sense of Suffering

Tuesday November 8th 2016, Jakobi 2-336 at 18.00 

The naive always expect revolution within their lifetime. It is typical to exteriorize personal mortality: of course something big will happen soon! On the other hand we know, species go extinct, civilizations disappear, continents are swallowed by the sea, just like our bodies end up in the ground. We instinctively go about life as if this were not the case, unless we have reason to suspect imminent cataclysm. What are the possible metrics of such prediction? How does one think outside a rationality prescribed exactly by the endangered system? How can semiotics think ahead of the learning curve to minimize fallout from personal and global network disintegrations?

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