Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Semiotics of Crime 3 with Katre Pärn. Filling the Void: Signs of Crime

Don't miss Semiotics of Crime 3 with Katre Pärn. Filling the Void: Signs of Crime, at Arhiiv in Tartu, this Thursday 12.05.2016, starting at 18.00. Read the description below.

The semiotic perspective can enter into criminological discussions on various levels, for example on the socio-cutural level as a study of sociocultural mechanisms surrounding and “producing” crime and deviance; on the institutional level of law and justice systems as a study of cultural subsystems defining, formalizing and enforcing the spheres of the criminal and the legal; or on the level of forensics as a study of signs of crime. It will also allow us to see the interrelationships between those layers, the ways in which the signs of crime are constituted, produced outside and beyond the scene of the crime.
The presentation will explore some of the semiotic facets of construction, reconstruction and deconstruction of crime – of semiotics of crime, semiotic crimes and semiotics of (de)criminalization – from the perspective of the workings of sign and media.

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