Sunday, December 20, 2015

So ends Semiotics of Death 2015

Thank you everyone for attending this year's series, especially my fellow presenters Ott Puumeister, Francesco Orsi, and Luke Cui. Thanks to Villem Varik for letting us use Arhiiv as our location, to Mehmet Emir Uslu for designing the posters, and to Piret Karro for beginning Semiosalong in the first place. Thanks also to our photographers Maris Magi, Daria Arkipova, Morsaleh Ranjbar Moghaddam, and Gavyrla KorniLove Deni. Remember this holiday season as you sit next to the warm fires of life, as Gurdjieff said the quickest route to enlightenment is to remain in constant awareness of one's own mortality. Join us in March 2016 for the next session: the Semiotics of Crime.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello. Come join us for the fourth and final session of Semiotics of Death at Arhiiv, Tartu, this Thursday the 10th at 18.00. This week Ott Puumeister will talk about how mortality provides the definition of the individual, how the pursuit of immortality is also the pursuit the erasure of the individual, or as he puts it:
Health has replaced salvation, as we know. The only thing that matters is thus our non-diseased presence in the present. There is no longer any "beyond" toward which to strive, there is no other world in which to exist: we are no longer finite beings defined by infinity. Infinity offered us a very convenient concept of after-life of which we knew - and possibly could not know - nothing about, since we were radically transformed when entering the world beyond. We could not stay the same. What happens when there is no longer a world that would promise us infinite existence? What becomes of our possibilities of survival? Could we, perhaps, survive and continue to exist in the state of indefinite finitude, of a never-ending present in which we could always stay the same?